Friday, May 13, 2011

Blue Jeans to Bag Tutorial!

   I needed a new bag..So I started looking at the fabric I have. As I looked at my fabric I didn't really have any material that was real durable.  So I went looking in my closet..Now if you are anything like me, you have clothes that are different sizes. Pregnancy has had that weight gain/loss effect on me. :)  Needless to say, I have skinny jeans and in-between jeans, also maternity jeans.  I found a pair of in-between jeans that would make a good bag. So the project started! Follow this tutorial to make a NEW bag!

Materials: Sewing machine, Fabric (1- 1.5 yards will do of same or scrap material), Thread, magnetic button, 
1. Cut the leg bottoms of the jeans..I cut about 13" from bottom. (or cut the size fabric you want your bag..remember the seam allowance) Cut up the inside seam of each leg. You can  trim off any excess inseam. This will be the main part of bag.
 2. Using one of the open sides as a pattern, cut 2 contrasting pieces for the bags inside liner. Cut your inside layer at least 2" taller if you want to fold it over for a trim.  I only cut mine 1.5" taller and it wasn't'll see later.
 3.Cut 2 contrasting material (or same as main bag) for pockets.  Measure how big you want the pockets.  I measure up one side of the bag, starting from bottom of main bag. The pocket size I used was 7" x the width of the bag. (note if you use a pant that has a small flare like mine were the bag will not be totally square.) I cut my pockets straight and trimmed off the excess fabric can cut it the same shape now or later. Use the side of your main bag as a pattern for the width of pockets. I doubled up my pockets for strength. So I cut two pieces for each side. Four in total. I used contrasting fabric for inside liner. Just like for the inside liner for the main bag, cut the pocket liners about 2" taller than the outside pocket. If you want the trim of course. Then lay them wrong sides together.  Fold and iron top of liner 1/2" down. Then fold over pocket and iron. Sew on the top of trim 1/8" from edge.
 4. After putting together both pockets (one for each side of bag), lay one pocket on outside of the main bag. Sew down the center to connect it to the bag and create two pockets on one side. Do the same to the other side. remember to back stitch. I also went over it twice. Now you have four pockets! two on each side of bag. Sorry, I don't have a picture of the pocket sewn on.
 5. With pockets sewn, put right sides of bag together and pin.  Make sure you have a heavy duty needle or one that can be used on jeans. Sew around sides and bottom. 1/2" from edge..don't accidentally sew the top closed. Pull right side out and push the corners.
 6. Now to sew the liner of the bag..quick and easy.  Pin right sides together and sew 1/2" around sides and bottom. After sewn put the liner in the bag. Wrong sides together.
 7. Remember I said that I cut my trim too short..Well, I just left the edges raw with the frayed looked.  Otherwise you would do what you did for the trim on the pockets. Fold and Iron. To add the magnetic button you will want to mark where you want it on the inside of bag. Cut with a seam ripper. Then push it through both layers of the bag..minus the trim for the outside. Put the washer on the back and bend the prongs tight on washer. Do same on the other side of bag with the other side of button. Make sure to match the position of button sides.
 8. Fold over trim and sew 1/8" from edge.  I sewed a second row 1/8" from first.
9. I wanted something easy for the strap. I cut the waistband off the jeans and used that. Cut the belt loops careful not to cut too close to the waistband, this could make holes. Cut the waistband in half and now you have two straps.  The button connects the strap at the top. Fold the raw edge of strap under about 1.5" and pin on one side of bag, preferably on the side seam. Sew a box with an X..I went around twice. Do the same on the opposite side. 
The bag is done!  Turned out a bit more juvenile then I would prefer..but It's a bag. When going places or running errands with my kids, I always need some sort of bag for those snacks or diapers etc.  Just remember, if it doesn't turn out the way you imagined, at least you learned something. Or you can give it away as a gift!!

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